Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hair Battle Spectacular

It’s dark.


She is alone as hundreds of her fallen comrades lay sprawled about in wrecked, tangled masses. Was it merely moments earlier that this desolation had been a group, a cluster so tighter bound that one could scarcely weaken without the others knowing of it? Now, after so many have dropped one by one, two by two, she stands--one of few survivors. She is famished and parched from a failed attempt at rationing the single meal she’d received nearly a day and a half prior. She is compromised by her lack of protection and vulnerable, but a survivor nonetheless.

She prepares herself for the final stretch until morning knowing that her daily sustenance is now her only mode of existence. But she has no way of knowing that seconds from now will deal her the final blow, leaving her just another forgotten on this unforgiving battlefield.

Sounds like the start of a sad war story doesn’t it? It is, but not exactly what you think. The “she” in question is just one of the many strands of hair on your head (apologies if you hair is a dude.) It’s dark because its night. It’s chilly because the hair hasn’t been covered. Those fallen comrades sprawled about in tangled masses? You guessed it (I hope). It’s the hair you lose every night that your hair goes unprotected.

Lemme break it down.

In the worst case scenario, you are going to bed having done not a thing to defend your hair. It’s been left loose, unmoisturized and then, in its most fragile state, dropped onto the battlefield—that fibrous cotton pillow case. Not only does cotton rob your hair of whatever moisture it has, but as you begin tossing and turning, it rubs against your hair causing it to snap. What’s left will come away frayed.

If this reminds you of you, pay close attention to the following:

Start off by moisturizing your strands root to tip with water, oil, glycerin or whatever blend works best for you. Pay special attention to your ends making sure they receive a hearty dose of moisture. They are the elders of your hair and are the most brittle.

Next set it. While protective styles like braids or twists are recommended because they secure your ends, it’s not a requirement. You can pineapple the hair, or if you prefer, leave it at that. However the less you do the more important it is that you adhere to the last point.

Which is actually very simple: Protect your hair with a satin scarf, bonnet or pillow case. See? Simple!

So don’t kiss your hair good bye; kiss it good night!

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  1. Nice photos! I enjoy them very much! Hope to see more photos soon

  2. You are a true master of the quill! This reading was the so absorbing! Write more and thank you!