Monday, January 2, 2012

To: The Gorgeous Woman Contemplating Her Natural-ness

Dear Lovely Girl,

We are ecstatic that you’re taking this natural hair journey with us! This year, so many wonderful things await you and that head of yours, but there are a few not so fab topics that we feel should be addressed before you go any further.

People love your hair! (Ok, so it’s not all bad) It’s true, members of other races, individuals from different walks of life, men and women accept, envy and even request our hair, kinks, coils and all!

But there’s still a stigma out there that certain hair types are better. This leaves some pining after length, luster and bounce, instead of the big, twisted, sheeny manes that we’re known for.  When you cross paths with one, there is a possibility that they will try to bring you down, be it with a look, a smirk or full blown hateration. But this is of little consequence.

The danger of the stigma is that it could be dormant in you (yes, like a disease) without you being fully aware. Often times it doesn’t surface until you’re in a haters’ crosshairs, until you have to choose between relaxer and food, until most of your scalp is chemical burn, until your breast length hair, turns to collarbone, to neck, to ears and your only choice is to go natural. That heart racing, over the top fear you’re feeling? It’s the stigma.

There’s one single step to remedy this and depending on the severity, it can be a quick fix or a lengthy struggle. Either way, you should decide right now that you ARE beautiful. YOU are beautiful and it’s got nothing to do with your hair, your body, or clothes--it’s just you.

You’re still reading so I’ll assume you’ve decided which brings us to our second point.

It will be very important to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are beautiful on days when you’ve done everything that we’ve suggested and you’re still not feeling it. The majority of what you will read and observe from us this year, such as diet, water intake, hair tools, etc, is tried and true and more or less guaranteed to work. Other things though, like methods and products, even if they work for most, may not work for that head of hair as unique as you are.

We don’t have all the answers, so it’s vital that you embrace the basics, glean from our methods and experiment until you find exactly what works for you. Then report back to us, of course, so we can share it with others.

Finally, going natural is a journey that in the end will lead to a better you. This new and improved you will in no wise make you better than someone else. We’ve heard other naturals refer to our relaxed or heat treated sisters as having low self esteem, brainwashed or worse. Whatever reason they have for rocking straighten hair is their reason. And whenever they are ready to embrace their natural texture, if they decide to embrace their natural texture is the right time for them. Until then, berating and looking down on them just makes a beautiful person far less beautiful than she could be—

And yes, that beautiful person is you ;-)


  1. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! I am so glad I ran across this today. I just went natural on December 23, 2011 (I will never forget) and there are some days that I am just. not. feeling it. But I completely believe it's because I have been taught what my hair is supposed to look like. I have to stop trying to tame it into what I've been taught to think is "presentable" and work with it to bring the beauty out of it. I have to learn to be okay with it's wild, craziness. Thanks for reinforcing that. S/N I get WAY more compliments from white people then I do black people on my hair. Hmmph. . .interesting.

  2. Congratulations on going natural! We're so glad this article helped! And yes it's quite interesting. Sometimes it seems as though we're the only hang up :(