Monday, January 9, 2012

Onions in Your Hair

That’s right. Onions! Who knew? These tear jerking bulbs have a natural affinity to your hair—an affinity known as sulfur. Known as the beauty mineral, sulfur is highly concentrated in both hair and onions. This sulfur increases circulation and provides stimulation giving onions a reputation for jump starting hair growth.

But before you sink your teeth into this veggie like it fell from the Tree of Life, check out potatoes! Potatoes are home to thiamine or B1 which is great if you are losing hair due to stress. It regulates metabolism and turns carbs to energy and metabolizes fat and protein necessary for hair growth.  Potatoes also contain niacin, a vitamin used to increase circulation all over the body, including the scalp, to boost your growth potential.  And how about those tomatoes?

I could go on to bombard you with a random assortment of veggies, fruits, proteins and other edibles along with their nutritional impact on hair, or I could use these last few words to convince you on the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.
Just in case you forgot your serving sizes...I always do!

If you’ve got any kind of deficiency in your diet, your hair will likely be the first to suffer.  Are you getting your fair share of vegetables? Are you eating enough fruits? We’ve all been blessed, some with thick tresses, some with defined coils and all with needy heads of hair. Whatever you’re problem is, take our advice and keep your head properly fed!

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