Monday, January 16, 2012

Have We Reached the Dream?

He wanted equality for you--100% of you!

Before we got our first black president (well, second if you count Oprah), before Michael Jackson, there was just a little guy named Mike (yes Mike. Look it up). Just a preacher’s kid from Atlanta, he recognized common discrepancies that others had begun to live with and decided to do something about it. Years later, although he’s gone, his legacy and the impact he made grows more powerful with time.

In the years since MLKJ’s death, not only does the color of our skin no longer prove a hindrance, but even our signature curves and full lips have quickly become the envy of our nation.

Now on this his 83rd birthday, you have a chance to finish his fight and to carry on his torch until the world sees you as you are—100% equal, from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. And by crown, I mean hair.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are still other obstacles that we as a people are up against. But come on! This is a natural hair website, so…yeah. And hair is no small matter. It is a part of us and one of our most defining features. It is a part of the rich and colorful history that most of us know nothing about. It is also so vastly misunderstood that we are afraid to embrace it. As a result we have grown accustomed to the idea that we are tragically flawed, passed it down from generation to generation and by not accepting it, give others a reason to shun it themselves. 

Today, let this man and his day inspire you to bravery, to action to loving and being true to yourself no matter what you’re up against. The hard part is over. The way has been paved and others are already walking it. All that’s left is to be you. The rest of the world will catch up.

Dreams come true, right here!

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