Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weapons of Mane Destruction

Yup! This is how your hair feels!
Some day’s your hair is just so soft, so springy, so perfect, that you have to tug at to periodically to assure yourself that it’s yours. Other days it’s so dry and annoying that your fingers seem programed to seek and destroy knots and split ends that may be making your bad situation worse. Either way on a daily basis our delicate strands are subjected to HIHS, or Hands in Hair Syndrome.

“But it’s just hands,” you may say. Just hands, huh? JUST HANDS?!

Actually we agree.

Not only are they simply hands, but they are hands that you’ve come to know and love and are so perfectly harmless to you. But to your strands, these hands can be violent weapons. Equipped with fingers that tug and rake through the hair and nails that rip effortlessly through defenseless cuticles leaving them shredded, broken, damaged beyond repair. When you add this to the list of hair foes, cotton, wooly shirt collars, harsh weather, RHIHS (Random Hands in Hair Sydrome, like the curious older gentleman behind you in the checkout line) you may as well rip your hair out now!


That would mean more HIH and we obviously don’t condone that.

What to do instead? If harsh mental notes aren’t your thing, write an actual note on your palm. Anything from “NOOOOO!” to “Bad hand!” will do. Just as long as it’s something that will signal to your brain that your hair is in eminent danger.

And for those whose habits die the hardest, find a protective style that you like and can wear every day. That way you hair won’t suffer as much damage as it would if left loose.

Hmph! And you thought they were just hands! 
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  1. You are a true master of the quill! This reading was the so absorbing!Write more and thank you!

  2. I agree. I constantly have my hands in my hair all the time. I think I will write a note to keep it out. Thank You :D